Friday, December 30, 2011

Exhibition video, Bristol December 2011

Quite simply a video record of my exhibition Installation in Bristol just before Christmas 2011.

Historical record of the postings on my website so I can update it!

I have just completed two new videos, 'Dark Matter : Pragmatic Fables of Incunabulum. The First' and Gegenstand (The Magpie Mummy)

They can both be found on my new page at: 

as well as the youtube versions 


Another Lost Not Found Abscission Artwork reported

The New Year has started in a very interesting manner as a piece of Artwork has been reported as being found '..outside the courtyard shop, at the Mains of Taymouth, Kenmore,Scotland, in a flower pot.'

At first I believed the work to be from the Edinburgh Art Festival project but the Finder mentioned it as one of seven so it may be from another project.

The piece has obviously been moved without the initial find (s?) being reported, more details when I know them...... 


Chapmans Monkey:

  • New Artwork now in development. Expect new 3D, online and 2D works based on research I have been carrying out.. 
  • Busy times. I have a sense that at least one more piece will be reported as found from Edinburgh.

Most locations can be found on the Googlemap.....please click link above..... 


The Farmers Market piece has been relocated.....


Two More Finds Reported 

Found by Sue 'Edinburgh Farmers Market Castle Terrace Edinburgh  : Edinburgh Art Festival

To be resited somewhere  more remote in Scotland.'

Found by Pina at St Bernards Well, Water Of Leith.


Mr Woods Fossils piece has been relocated.....


Four Finds in Edinburgh 

A good day today with the penultimate sitings, two reports from today and two from last week.


FOUND at The West End Craft Fair and relocated.
(No photo)
FOUND at The International Book Festival. 
This find was reported in person at Edinburgh Printmakers in a coincidental conversation during a questionaire on the same day as it was sited.
Sited on 'Time' by Eva Hoffman.
FOUND By Magpie & Stump on Royal Mile.
Synchronicity dictated that a Gegenstand (Magpie Mummy) Artwork, was sited by this 'His Majesty the Bird', the antique mascot of the Magpie & Stump Comedy Society of Trinity College Cambridge.
FOUND at Mr Woods Fossils on Cowgate.

'The Universe Is Poisonous' by Carl Gent.



Another Surprise Find! 

This one was reported yesterday and was found by Greg at Fort Jay on Governor's Island during Figment, NEW YORK in June!



FOUND! The first piece of Artwork has been reported as found by Lucrezia Walker at The Dean Gallery on the Paolozzi designed tiles in the Ladies. The Artwork is Red Corner by Sarah Tulloch (collage, real gold leaf)

Googlemap of locations here




These photos may give you a clue as to the whereabouts of some Artwork, they are, of course taken in a great hurry with a pocket camera! They were all placed yesterday, one in a thunderstorm......


 Yesterdays notes:

Busy placing Artwork in the rain....
A visit today to the modern Art Gallery and Boyle Family & Gilbert &
George proved to be the highlights of the show.
Narrowly escaped being collared as I cunningly placed an Artwork after
cockily assembling & signing 3 in the same room as a camera.
Then a walk along the water of Leith & Dean Village, drizzle & patchy
rain then a clap of thunder as I stood under a tree just about to
write about the mummified magpie on my iPod. Good idea ....
Fantastic charged & ionized atmosphere by the river as I strolled on
towards Stockbridge...




Nine artworks now sited including Millie Burton photo print and two of Sarah Tullochs Red Icons. 

Photos of some sited pieces will be posted here later.... can you spot where they are? 

Had a rather fabulous day at the Modern Art Gallery then getting caught in a thunderstorm by the water in Dean Village near the Well.

Met some more interesting people in interesting places, you may know who you are & I may be back!

The Mummified Magpie photo prints were named yesterday:

'A wonderful piece of synchronicity this morning, I'd just had some photos for the project printed and wasn't sure what the title should be without being too obvious so decided, without looking, to put my hand out to the bookshelf in our flat. Without thinking, quick as a flash, 'First book, 3rd sentence, 10th word'. The result: Ludwig Wittgenstein 'Philosophical Investigations' in German/English, the word, 'Gegenstand' that translates as Object, Thing.'



First Art Festival pieces now placed.

The Hunt is on!

Click on the Lost Not Found:Abscission tabs above & visit Edinburgh Art 

Googlemap live from here if/when the first piece is reported as Found.



Second find reported by Nick B from Brooklyn, he is 'delighted' with his Artwork and also found a Ten Dollar Bill on the same day!



First Figment find reported! Found by Alex in the Nolan Gallery, packaging had been attached to the wall in a 'closet' and crocodile sculpture had a handwritten sign 'please do not(underlined) touch the artwork.'
This is one of the reasons I so love this project!



Saatchi Online Gallery Video Artist Of The Day



Also delighted to announce that Lost Not Found:Abscission has been selected for Figment New York City and a new Artwork for Resort at The Residence in London is currently being created.

Untitled, Resort, Residence Gallery, London



Delighted to announce that Lost Not Found:Abscission II (Edinburgh) has been selected as part of the official Edinburgh Art Festival 2010

  Edinburgh Art




Crocodilopolis NEWS:

Please see below and click on Googlemaps link and tabs above for News Images and more.

 Crocodilopolis Exhibition Featured in 'The List' Big Pic.


Googlemap  Here SHORT LINK to this map

  • Currently 4 pieces FOUND, one relocated to London, one to Glasgow then re found. One piece not reported as Found but relocated to Canonmills then reported....   15th March.
  • *First piece FOUND and reported 27th Feb*
  • *Second piece FOUND and reported 1st March *



Next Projects:

New Solo exhibitions March 2010:

 Crocodilopolis  The Forest, Edinburgh

Kings College Gallery, Taunton 

Edinburgh, Lost Not Found:Abscission continues, August 2010 


During the course of the Exhibition seven new Crocodile sculptures will be hidden within walking distance of the Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh.
Each piece will be enclosed within a clear bag with an instruction leaflet enclosed.
The artwork can be found at locations within walking distance of the Heart Of Midlothian
The Finder then has three choices:
a. Keep the Artwork.
b. Leave the Artwork for others to find.
c. Move the Artwork to another location.

In association with Lost not Found:Abscission.
Exhibition at The Forest Gallery March 1st - 27th 2010

Pieces hidden on Sat 27 Feb
As each piece is found it will be added on the Googlemap with details (Placemarks of NOT FOUND pieces are clustered around the Gallery area on the map. They are Not located there & will only be placed correctly when found or when the project is complete)

Googlemap  Here SHORT LINK to this map

*First piece FOUND and reported 27th Feb*

*Second piece FOUND and reported 1st March * 




  • Lost Christmas. I give you my art.Lost not Found:Abscission II  as part ofBlood On The Snow, Colchester Dec 2009 

  • Desert



Lost not Found:Abscission NEWS


Sun 31st January


  • New Photos in Lost Not Found:Abscisson Gallery 


Tues 1st November

  • Lost Christmas. I Give You My Art (Lost Not Found:Abscission II) Colchester Town Centre as part of Blood On The Snow  17 December - 3 January 2010


Tues 24th November


  • Another relocated  piece found in Edinburgh Library in Roman mosaic book used for researching MSc.

 Weds 30th September

  • Interactive GoogleMap of all 28 locations with information on Found and Relocated pieces with Finder photos can now be found HERE

  •  Finder images can be found HERE or on Picassa

  • A massive Thank You to all the current participants and those yet make contact.

  • Photos are copyright the respective named participants.
  • Next project tbc

Wednesday 23rd September 

  • Full list of locations and re-locations  with photos from participants will be added later this week.


  •  First pieces found!  

Monday 17th August

Several pieces of artwork have been found around Edinburgh with the first piece placed in Tweedale Court off the Royal Mile discovered by an engineer working nearby.

Other pieces from the Ladies at The Fruitmarket Gallery and The Scottish National Gallery  in the 'As Others See' exhibition have been re-sited by the Finders.

New images added to Gallery.


• Artwork 'Lost' in Edinburgh from today, Thursday  6th August.


• New photos on project Gallery page.

If you are here to participate in the Lost not Found: Abscission project please click on the text or  on the tab above.


During the course of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 28

small art pieces will be placed across the City for

anyone to find.

 Each piece will be enclosed within a clear bag with an

  instruction leaflet enclosed.



The artwork can be found at locations within walking

distance of the Heart Of Midlothian