Tuesday, July 16, 2013


And then I heard the classic call back to HQ ' Hope you've got the Lawyers in. Went effin, mental she did and slammed the door in me face.' Something about a screwdriver (!) then 'Yeah there all complainin, not being able to get their cars in and out of their drives.' They are utilitying the new builds up the road & also rather niftily erected barriers & dug the trench leaving everyone's recycling on the unobtainable side. Nice! What they also probably didn't realise was the builders had scraped & knocked several cars (including someone's precious Jag) over the months & demolished the neighbours two Victorian gate pillars ( now replaced) . We should all play a drinking game everytime the claxon of a reversing vehicle is followed by a crunch then loud cries of 'Woah' followed by profuse swearing!



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